Explore the Great Bear Sea
Marine life in the Great Bear Sea

Marine life in the Great Bear Sea

These waters are among the most productive coldwater marine environments on the planet. An incredible diversity of animal, plant and seaweed species support a complex food web, ranging from tiny algae to gigantic whales. This abundance offers many benefits to communities along the BC coast, providing sustenance, livelihoods, recreation and more. 

Kelp, Eel Grass, and Salt Marshes

These waters are home to kelp forests, eelgrass meadows, and salt marshes. These coastal habitats produce much of the plant material that animals depend on. Underwater beds of seagrass act as nurseries, offering both food and refuge for smaller fish and baby crab. Dense underwater kelp forests provide both protection from predators, and a habitat for animals like sea otters to hunt. These habitats are important for commercially harvested species such as juvenile cod, crab, and rockfish.

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